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Knit Purl Hunter video lessons are listed below in alphabetical order. Just click on the post title to view the video.

Afterthought Heel – Part 1

An afterthought heel is added after the foot and leg of the sock is completed. This heel is a great choice for color work socks and creating contrasting colored heels. Part 1 demonstrates placing the waste yarn that will later be removed to insert the heel.

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Afterthought Heel – Part 2

Part 2 demonstrates the removal of the waste yarn and picking up stitches in preparation for knitting the Afterthought Heel.

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Afterthought Heel – Part 3

Part 3 demonstrates joining the new yarn, picking up stitches in the gap and decreasing as the Afterthought Heel is completed.

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Applied Border

Bind off the last row of stitches while simultaneously adding a knitted border to shawls and so much more!

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Axis Cable

I am in love with this cable pattern! This interesting design features cables flanking stationary center stitches. As with all cables, just a little bit of work gives your knitting BIG results. Watch the video to learn this surprisingly simple cable. Prepare to be dazzled!

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Backward Loop Cast On

The backward loop cast on is perfect for buttonholes, thumb gussets or any time stitches must be cast on within a garment. Although it is loose and somewhat unsubstantial, its construction allows you to easily cast on stitches within a row.

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Backwards Knitting (mirror knitting)

This handy trick replaces the wrong side purl row in flat knitting thus eliminating the need to turn the work. A huge timesaver in bobbles and entrelac!

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Add beads to knitting easily with a crochet hook.

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