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Knit Purl Hunter video lessons are listed below in alphabetical order. Just click on the post title to view the video.

Afterthought Heel – Part 1

An afterthought heel is added after the foot and leg of the sock is completed. This heel is a great choice for color work socks and creating contrasting colored heels. Part 1 demonstrates placing the waste yarn that will later be removed to insert the heel.

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Afterthought Heel – Part 2

Part 2 demonstrates the removal of the waste yarn and picking up stitches in preparation for knitting the Afterthought Heel.

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Afterthought Heel – Part 3

Part 3 demonstrates joining the new yarn, picking up stitches in the gap and decreasing as the Afterthought Heel is completed.

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Applied Border

Bind off the last row of stitches while simultaneously adding a knitted border to shawls and so much more!

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Axis Cable

I am in love with this cable pattern! This interesting design features cables flanking stationary center stitches. As with all cables, just a little bit of work gives your knitting BIG results. Watch the video to learn this surprisingly simple cable. Prepare to be dazzled!

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Backward Loop Cast On

The backward loop cast on is perfect for buttonholes, thumb gussets or any time stitches must be cast on within a garment. Although it is loose and somewhat unsubstantial, its construction allows you to easily cast on stitches within a row.

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Add beads to knitting easily with a crochet hook.

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Bind Off (Standard)

Congratulations on finishing your knitting project! Now it is time to bind off your stitches and admire your handiwork. I recommend this standard bind off for beginners. It is quick and easy and works well in most situations. Many lifelong knitters use this bind off exclusively. Of course, check out my other video lessons to explore more binding off options.

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