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Backward Loop Cast On

The backward loop cast on is perfect for buttonholes, thumb gussets or any time stitches must be cast on within a garment. Although it is loose and somewhat unsubstantial, its construction allows you to easily cast on stitches within a row.

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Blocking is the process of using steam or water on a knitted fabric and then pinning into shape. It gives knitting a smooth, professional finish. Blocking also presents the opportunity to adjust the fabric to the desired dimensions. I like to think of blocking in these terms: Would you want to wear a carefully pressed […]

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Central Double Decrease (CDD or S2KP)

A central double decrease works three stitches together resulting in one stitch that lies vertical with no lean. This stitch is often used at the base of v-neck openings. A central double decrease is also found in many beautiful lace patterns. While there are several variations of this stitch, I have provided a video that […]

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Charts are a simple way to convey knitting directions while providing the knitter a visual representation of the finished design. Charts are read from bottom to top moving right to left on right side rows and left to right on wrong side rows. It is important to note that a chart shows the stitches as […]

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Decreases aren’t only made in knit stitches! Sometimes it is necessary (and discriminating) to decrease a stitch and remain in pattern. For example, when faced with a decrease on the wrong side of a stockinette garment it is wise to use a p2tog. A p2tog is also found in many lace patterns to create those […]

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PSSO is the abbreviation for “pass slip stitch over”. It is a common decrease and can be found in many lace patterns. Using the left needle tip, simply lift a slip stitch on the right hand needle over the following stitch(es) and remove it from the needle. A decrease and a lovely design element have […]

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Slip Stitch

SLIP STITCH RULE: Unless otherwise stated, a stitch is slipped as if to purl with yarn in back. This action allows the slipped stitch to sit untwisted on the right hand needle with the working yarn hidden on the wrong side. Sometimes a designer will spell this rule out for you in their pattern. If […]

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Bind Off (Standard)

Congratulations on finishing your knitting project! Now it is time to bind off your stitches and admire your handiwork. I recommend this standard bind off for beginners. It is quick and easy and works well in most situations. Many lifelong knitters use this bind off exclusively. Of course, check out my other video lessons to […]

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