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Short Row Heel – Part 2

The second part of the short row heel seems to give knitters the most trouble. Picking up the wraps can be tricky until you recognize which strand to pick up and how it should be knit. Let me help you through this step and you can become a fan of this quick and professional looking […]

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Join in the Round

Circular knitting is the preferred method used to knit most socks and hats.  It is so popular that many knitters choose circular knitting for sweaters since it eliminates most seams from the garment. A circular knitting pattern will ask you to cast on the required number of stitches and then “join in the round”.  This […]

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Stretchy Picot Bind Off

Toe up socks require a bind off that is both stretchy and firm.  It needs to be stretchy to fit over the foot and yet firm enough to stay up on your leg.  The Stretchy Picot Bind Off meets these requirements while adding a darling ruffled and crochet-like edge to the cuff of your sock.  […]

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Knitting Retreat

There is nothing more divine than a weekend away with fellow knitters!  I spent the past weekend at Autumn House Farms in Rochester Mills, Pennsylvania.  This picturesque haven is near Punxsutawney (yes, the Groundhog Capital) and housed me and my knitting buddies for three days of relaxation and education. Autumn Farms is a self-sustaining farm.  […]

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