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Bind Off in Pattern

Many times a pattern ends by directing the knitter to bind off in pattern. This instruction means that you should use the standard bind off method while maintaining the stitch pattern used in the project. For example, if you are knitting a k2, p2 rib then you should continue with this rib as you bind […]

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Yarn Blossom – FREE pattern

Look at the beauties that can grow from your leftover yarn! Use any yarn and needle size to mix and match with the 3 sizes and the possibilities are endless. Add the flowers to your next knitting project or attach a pin and wear as a stylish accessory. Yarn Blossom is available as a FREE […]

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Jogless Stripes

Changing colors in circular knitting creates a step, or “jog” in the work. Since rounds of knitting do not nestle on top of each other like stacks of plates, special care must be taken to minimize the interruption made when a new color is introduced. This trick is quick and easy to learn in this […]

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Join New Yarn

Unless you will be knitting only one-color and one-skein projects, you will eventually need to add a new skein of yarn. I like to add the new yarn at the beginning of a new row and tying it into a little bow to secure. Watch this video to see how easy it is to move […]

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K2tog tbl

The simplest way to create a left leaning decrease is to knit two stitches together through the back loop (k2tog tbl). This stitch can be found in many lace patterns and was the decrease of choice before the invention of the slick ssk stitch.

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Weave in Ends

Every knitted piece will have at least two ends, or “tails” to weave in at the completion of the project. It is especially nice to weave the ends in invisibly to give your knitting that professional touch. This video demonstrates how to do this on the wrong (purl) side of stockinette knitting. If your knitting […]

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Striped Infinity Scarf – FREE PATTERN

My daughter requested this season’s must have accessory and I was most happy to oblige! The infinity scarf may be worn doubled as an accent piece (as shown) or tripled for cozy warmth with a coat. Knit this simple pattern with one skein of Zauberball fingering weight yarn and watch the stripes move from one […]

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Pattern Store

After many requests from faithful knitters, I have opened a pattern store on my website. I have many of my favorite designs offered including patterns for socks, hats, mittens and more. I also have several free downloads as a thank you for all your support. The pattern store may be accessed from my home page […]

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