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My Babies are Shipped!

The knitted squares are ready to be photographed for my book, Building Blocks. I lovingly wrapped them in a baby blanket secured with diaper pins and shipped them to Skacel for their photography session. I’m excited to see the photos!

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Horizontal Seam (Overcast Stitch)

Create a horizontal seam using the Overcast Stitch – sometimes referred to as the Whip Stitch. This seam lies flat and is simple to do! The Overcast Stitch is used in Building Blocks for the horizontal seams between the squares.

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Sometimes a pattern asks you to take three purl stitches and decrease them to one purl stitch. It’s a snap with this simple video.

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Stubble Stitch

Try this great textured stitch to add a bit of “oomph” to your next project: YO, p2, pass yo over the 2 purl stitches and off the right hand needle. The video demonstrates this stitch for both Western style and continental style knitters.

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Yummy New Yarn Color

I thought I would tease you with a photo of one of the yarns I used for the Simplicity shawlette in the upcoming KAL. It is #48 Hillcreek Gold and I am in love with this color! This gorgeous butterscotch color can be found in in every fashion magazine as the season’s new “it” color. […]

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Picot Bind Off

Add textured charm and whimsy to your next project with the picot bind off. Use this on sweater cuffs, shawls, scarves and more for an out-of-the ordinary finish!

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