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Gwen Bortner Interview

One of the best perks of working in the knitting industry is that I am fortunate to meet many of its stars. Gwen Bortner, author of Entree to Entrelac, is not only a star but she has become a great friend. I admire Gwen most for her dedication to knitting education. Her teaching success is […]

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Cables Without a Cable Needle

Increase the speed of your cable knitting by eliminating the use of a cable needle. This video demonstrates both the left cross (stitches held to the front) and right cross (stitches held to the back) cables to make your next project a quick knit.

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Sock Opus

What started as a way to use my leftover sock yarn has turned into a mini-sensation! My tights, Sock Opus, are featured in the current Knitter’s Magazine modeling Peek-a-Boots. The tights were also seen in the fashion show at Stitches and as one of the top patterns on Ravelry this week. The pattern includes instructions […]

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Sock Opus

I am so excited to share my Sock Opus pattern with you! I began the tights odyssey several years ago after being inspired by Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Nether Garments. Using leftover fingering weight yarn and modern sock knitting techniques, I cast on for my tights. Each stripe is from a sock yarn I have used and […]

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Tuck Stitch

The tuck stitch is a decorative stitch that requires a stitch to be unraveled several rows and then reknit. The techniques sounds scary but it is easy to execute. Working this stitch will give you practice in repairing accidentally dropped stitches.

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