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Mattress Stitch (Vertical Seam)

Join stockinette knitting with this easy to execute stitch that yields professional results.

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Invisible Horizontal Seam

This sturdy seam creates a row of knit stitches that flow between two pieces as they are joined. It is an excellent choice for shoulder seams, pillows and more.

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Circular Gauge (Knit Flat)

Knitting in the round may yield a different gauge than flat knitting. In flat knitting, the right side of the stockinette stitch is all knit with the wrong side comprised of purl stitches. When knitting stockinette in the round, every stitch is a knit stitch. For many knitters there is a discrepancy in size between […]

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Dropped Stitch (Fixing Mistakes)

Nothing strikes fear in the heart of a knitter more than a dropped stitch. Learn to pick up a dropped stitch and repair your work easily with the use of a crochet hook. This simple technique will save you time and turn you into a fearless knitter!

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The one row, horizontal buttonhole is a sturdy and tidy buttonhole. It is a great choice for pieces where the buttonhole receives a lot of stress. You will be delighted with its easy execution and professional appearance.

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