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October’s fun and fast knitting Knit Along project has been added as a FREE download in my website’s Pattern Shop and on Ravelry. This project makes for quick gifts and can be used with so many different yarns. If you want to view the detailed instructions and photos from the KAL, just head to the […]

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Braided Cowl

Create a unique cowl with my Intertwisted pattern. Three knitted panels are braided for a textured and stylish accessory. Beware, this pattern is addicting – you can’t stop at just one!

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Rosette Stitch

The Rosette Stitch is a beautiful pattern that is very simple to execute and may be worked over any multiple of even numbered stitches. Row 1. (Right Side) Knit. Row 2. *P2tog leaving the stitches on left hand needle, k2tog these same stitches and remove from left hand needle; repeat from * to end of […]

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Crown Stitch

The Crown Stitch is a delightful novelty stitch with high impact. While it looks complicated, the Crown Stitch is only worked over two rows and is quite simple to execute. Just one repeat of this pattern will surely spice up your knitting!

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