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Blocking with Wires

Blocking wires are a fabulous way to finish many knitted pieces and is especially helpful with lace work. The wires are threaded through the edges of the piece providing straight lines and the ability to open up intricate lace designs along scalloped and pointed edges.

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Single Crochet

Many knitted pieces benefit from a single crochet edge. This treatment can mask any irregularities along the edges and give a uniform look to the garment. Even non-crocheters like me will love adding this valuable skill to their knitting arsenal!

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Weekly Prize Winner

We have a weekly prize winner!  Our lucky KALer is Linnea M. from Ferndale, WA. She won a pair of the new addi® Sock Rocket Circular Needles and a new sock pattern featuring CoBaSi from skacel. How does the weekly prize work?  A short blurb will be posted on the Skacel or Knit Purl Hunter website.  It […]

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Ridgely – Part 1

Explore colorwork while knitting this delightful striped shawl with an attached lace border. This is my most comprehensive video to date which covers Intarsia, carrying yarns, detangling, lace work and more.

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Yarn Over at Beginning of Row

Starting a row with a yarn over adds a lovely lace edge to knitting.  Kick your knitting up a notch with this decorative treatment!

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SK2P – Sl 1, k2tog, psso

A left leaning double decrease often found in lace work.

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Pick Up and Knit

Learn to pick up stitches along both a horizontal and vertical edge to add borders, button bands, trims, and more.

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