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Bind Off – in middle of work

Binding off the last row is simple, but binding off at the ends of a row (armholes, lace points) or in the middle of a row (necklines, buttonholes) is handled differently.  Watch this video to learn to properly count your stitches and expertly shape garments.

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Double Yarn Over (yo twice)

A Double Yarn Over creates two new stitches and results in a much larger hole than a single yarn over.  This video demonstrates a Double Yarn Over between knit and purl stitches for both Western and Continental knitters.

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Yarn Over – Afterthought

Did you forget to place a yarn over in a row of knitting?  No need to rip out the row!  Place the yarn over in the following row and continue with your pattern by working an Afterthought Yarn Over.

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