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Turn Heel (Magic Loop)

The turn heel is my favorite part of the sock heel. Just a few quick turns and a cozy heel cup emerges. Check out how easy this technique becomes with the magic loop method.

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Japanese Short Row Heel

The Japanese Short Row Heel is similar to a standard short row heel, but I find the result tidier and easier to construct. Pins are used in place of the usual wrap and turn. Give it a try!

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Heel Flap – Magic Loop Method

You know I am a huge fan of the magic loop and this video will have you moving from the leg to the heel flap in a snap. Sometimes this transition causes a bit of a brain cramp trying to remember which way to turn those slick needles. Now just stay tuned to the video […]

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Heel Workshop

HEEL WORKSHOP Traditional Heel The secret to a successful traditional heel lies in the heel flap. The heel flap selvages provide the foundation for future gusset stitches. Choose one of the following heel flap patterns to lay the perfect foundation for picking up your gusset stitches. After completing final round of leg, turn to wrong […]

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Gusset (Magic Loop Method)

Pick up stitches for the gusset using the magic loop method. Many knitters get a little “turned around” after the turn heel. Stay tuned to the “Gusset” video and you will glide right on down your sock in record time!

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