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Fixing a Mis-crossed Cable

Cables can be repaired even when the mistake occurred several rows below.

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Right Turn/Left Turn

This cousin to the cable stitch rotates stitches to simulate the classic cable technique.

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Twist 3 (TW3)

A lovely stitch that resembles a cable design.

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Loose Knit Column

Many knitters find a column of loose knit stitches on the left edge of their cables. This common phenomenon occurs in knitting when transitioning from a knit stitch to a purl stitch. To minimize the loose stitch, purl the first stitch after the knit column by wrapping the yarn clockwise around the needle. On the […]

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Cables Without a Cable Needle

Increase the speed of your cable knitting by eliminating the use of a cable needle. This video demonstrates both the left cross (stitches held to the front) and right cross (stitches held to the back) cables to make your next project a quick knit.

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Axis Cable

I am in love with this cable pattern! This interesting design features cables flanking stationary center stitches. As with all cables, just a little bit of work gives your knitting BIG results. Watch the video to learn this surprisingly simple cable. Prepare to be dazzled!

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Right Twist

Twisted stitches create the look of cable stitches without the use of a cable needle. Right twists are simple to execute and are often used to complement cable patterns. I used this stitch in my Laughing Matter socks and, of course, incorporated it into the Building Blocks series. After watching the video tutorial, try this […]

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Cables are the best bang for your buck in knitting! Cable designs look difficult, but are so simple to execute. Start with these easy cables and work your way up to more complicated versions. All levels of cables follow the same principles and you will be very impressed by the professional look achieved with such […]

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