Michelle’s Books

Michelle’s popular knitting instruction series is a great addition to your knitting library. Each lesson is supported with one of Michelle’s free, online video lessons.


The Best of Knit Purl Hunter is an inspiring collection of 25 patterns from designer Michelle Hunter. Many of these patterns were originally featured as Knit-Alongs through her Progressive Needles series and are backed with the educational videos weve come to know and love from Michelle. Featuring all new stunning photography and a variety of projects such as socks cowls shawls and more. This book is a must-have for every knitter!

Building with Lace is a carefully designed sequence of patterns that introduce knitters to lace work starting with the basics and working towards more difficult patterns. Following the same format as Michelle’s earlier books, Building Blocks and Building in Color, Building with Lace is the long awaited addition to this popular educational series! And each pattern is supported by Michelle’s excellent, and free, online video instruction.

Building Blocks is a series of 12 fun patterns that will grow your knitting skills starting with simple knit and purl stitches. Your confidence will grow as you progress through several major knitting principles. Each block pattern focuses on new stitches and techniques in a sequential fashion that “builds” upon the previously learned skill. And knitting techniques for each block are supported with Michelle’s free online video instructions.

Building in Color introduces you to essential colorwork knitting techniques one skill at a time, all while knitting a beautiful sampler blanket. It contains 10 different colorwork techniques that you knit separately and seam together at the end. Each technique has both charted and written instructions and a special”Chart Sense” section to help you gain confidence in your skills. And each technique is supported with Michelle’s free, online video instruction.

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