A new Book from Michelle Hunter! Photo of Building Blocks book covers

I’m excited to announce my new skill building series featuring color work available in January 2014! If you loved "Building Blocks" then this follow-up book is for you.

"Building in Color" is another carefully designed sequence of patterns aimed at introducing knitters to the wonderful array of stitches and techniques used in color knitting.  All of the techniques are supported with the free online video instruction that you have come to rely upon from me.

Learn to expertly manage multiple colors while creating a gorgeous sampler blanket — your own cuddly work of art!

Every pattern in the "Building Blocks" book focuses on the development of a skill while knitting a lovely square. Each square, or block, builds upon the skills learned in the previous patterns, giving knitters more confidence, knowledge and skill. At the completion of the series, the reward is an abundance of knitting know-how along with 12 gorgeous blocks to assemble into a sampler afghan.

In my years as a schoolteacher I relied on a curriculum to educate students. Think of "Building Blocks" as your personal curriculum, a step-by-step plan, guiding you to better knitting. Let the "Building Blocks" book help you to find the master knitter waiting inside you!

Available in your local yarn shop and the following online retailers:

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