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Winter Buzz – Part 4

With our hand complete, it is time to turn our attention to the thumb.  We have created a nice resting place for our thumb with a full-fashioned gusset.  A few quick rounds and you can wear your toasty warm beauties. I have a very popular video to help you, titled “Thumb”, that I created as […]

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Winter Buzz – Part 3

  Don’t you just love the honeycomb pattern over the top of the hand?  I am always amazed at the gorgeous designs that are created using simple cables.  Tell all your non-knitting friends that this was insanely difficult and that you are pretty much a genius.  It will be our secret that cabling is so […]

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Winter Buzz – Part 2

Are you enjoying the lofty softness of Simpliworsted in your cuff?  Now it’s time to get to the real fun!  Today’s clue has us adding one of my favorite cable stitch patterns.  This classic design makes for a beautiful and interesting knit that only looks complicated. The cable design will be worked over the top […]

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Winter Buzz – Part 1

Happy New Year and welcome back to the Progressive Needles Knit Along sponsored by Skacel!  We kick off 2012 with a toasty warm mitten pattern using the deliciously soft and durable Simpliworsted.  As always, this project is full of tips, techniques and videos to increase your knitting know-how. Mittens get their warmth from good wool […]

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