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Disappearing Act – Revealed!

I hope you enjoyed the introduction to color work and two handed knitting in Disappearing Act! The Progressive Needles Knit Along will be on a short hiatus.  Subscribe to my newsletter to receive updates on the upcoming NEW projects for the series.  The knitting education continues with more patterns, techniques, yarns, videos and FUN! Not […]

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Disappearing Act – Part 4

Our beautiful color work sock is complete and now we are ready for the Afterthought Heel!  Watch “Afterthought Heel – Part 2 and Part 3” Videos to finish these delightful socks.  Part 2 will assist you in picking up the heel stitches and removing the waste yarn.  Part 3 demonstrates picking up stitches to close […]

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Disappearing Act – Part 3

I trust you are gaining speed and ease in two-color/two-handed knitting with the completion of Part Two.  Part Three concludes the sock all except for the Afterthought Heel. Some of you have placed the waste yarn for the heel in Section II of the design.  Today’s clue reveals Section III and IV allowing everyone to […]

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Disappearing Act – Part 2

Our toe is complete and Section I of the design has been revealed.  Whether you are knitting with one hand or two, I hope you are enjoying the introduction to color work. This week’s clue not only brings you Section II of the design, but another surprise as well.  Disappearing Act will include an Afterthought […]

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Disappearing Act – Part 1

Welcome back to sock knitting with the Progressive Needles KAL!  This month’s project brings us two-color knitting in a toe up sock using the lovely hues of Royal by Austermann.  I am a huge fan of color work and after knitting this pattern you will be, too! Disappearing Act begins with simple toe up construction.  […]

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