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Intertwisted – Part 4 and Reveal!

I hope you enjoyed the lovely Rosette Stitch as the third piece of Intertwisted.  Each piece has a provisional cast on at one end and a stitch holder at its opposite end.  It is now time for the fabulous finishing I have been promising you all month! Part Four – Finishing Click here to download […]

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Intertwisted – Part 3

With the I-cord piece completed and resting on a stitch holder, it is time to make our third and final strip of the pattern. Part 3 brings us a gorgeously simple pattern known as the Rosette Stitch.  Keeping true to this KAL’s theme, the Rosette Stitch is quick to memorize and fun to work.  Every […]

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Intertwisted – Part 2

  I hope you enjoyed the “Go-To” pattern in Part One.  This first piece should be resting on a stitch holder anxiously awaiting its next assignment as we work on Part Two. Have you ever wished that you could knit in your sleep?  I have often longed for that ability when trying to meet a […]

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Intertwisted – Part 1

Welcome to the Progressive Needles Knit Along!  I’m honored to have so many returning knitters and thrilled with so many new knitters joining our ranks.  The knit along is designed to further your knitting education while working a pattern especially created for the series.  Whether you are a newer knitter or a veteran, you will […]

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