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Crimple – Part 4 and Reveal!

I hope you enjoyed the short row ribbed heel.  I snapped the above photo of Crimple’s heel on a flight to one of my teaching gigs.  I was so excited knitting the first sock that I cruised on up the leg forgetting to snap the photo.  With only the second sock to knit on the […]

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Crimple – Part 3

Our lovely lacy ribbed foot is complete and now we can draw our attention to the heel.  Like Crimple’s toe, the short row heel of our sock will be ribbed as well.  I adore this ribbed heel design for several reasons. It adds interest in an often neglected but highly visible area More durable than […]

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Crimple – Part 2

  I hope you enjoyed knitting Crimple’s ribbed toe!  The upper photo shows the instep (top of the foot) and the lower photo shows the sole (bottom of the foot).  Part Two brings us the Foot with an instep design that flows right out of the toe. Crimple’s instep will be graced with a ribbed […]

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Crimple – Part 1

Happy New Year and welcome to the first Progressive Needles Knit Along of 2013!  I have been twitching with excitement to share Crimple with you.  This toe up pattern features some of my favorite design elements to create a beautiful sock with a superior fit.  The design is further enhanced by the lovely Cobasi yarn that […]

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