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Colormatic – Part 4

Our second, and last section of mosaic knitting is complete and it is time to knit Section 4 and close our tube.  You may have already guessed that Section 4 returns us to the Saw Tooth Stripes pattern.  This section’s design brings continuity to the scale and color of the fabric.  This last section is […]

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Colormatic – Part 3

With its larger scale, Section 2 was a nice contrast to Section 1.  The continued use of Color A provided a nice transition to this contrasting pattern.  Successful pattern mixing is achieved by combining a limited number of patterns and colors into a cohesive fabric.  Colormatic follows these principles by continuing Section 3 in the […]

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Colormatic – Part 2

I hope you enjoyed the simple beauty of color play in Section One!  After our somewhat fiddly start, I’m sure you found the knitting fast and easy. Part Two of the cowl pattern brings a new color and a new stitch pattern.  Many of you know that I am a fashion aficionado and adore knitting […]

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Colormatic – Part 1

October KAL Welcome to the Progressive Needles Knit Along sponsored by Skacel Collection.  The mission of the KAL is to further your knitting education while having some fun along the way.  Our Fall pattern, Colormatic, certainly meets these expectations and more!  Colormatic is a beautiful cowl featuring my recent obsession – color knitting.  I adore watching […]

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