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Unleashed – Part 4

Now for the much anticipated flip top – the crowning glory to our mitts!  Adding this topper to fingerless mitts is rather simple, especially since we have set the stage so nicely with the lifeline.  Once you discover the trick to making convertible mittens, you may find yourself adding them to all of the fingerless […]

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Unleashed – Part 3

Our thumb stitches have been patiently waiting to be worked.  Part Three gives two options for the thumb – #1 with a closed top (below in green) and #2 with an open top (below in white).  The closed version is perfect for colder climates and the open version is nice for die hard texters.  You […]

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Unleashed – Part 2

Our mock cable cuff is complete and now we move on to the mitt.  Part Two consists of the Hand, Thumb Gusset and Fingerless Mitt – all teeming with great techniques. Remember to switch to larger needle for the remainder of the mitten! A simple, textured Dot Pattern will be worked over the top of the hand […]

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Unleashed – Part 1

I am delighted that you are not one of those knitters who abandon their needles during the summer months!  I firmly believe that knitting is a sport for all seasons.  All of you savvy KAL participants will have a jump on your winter/holiday projects with Unleashed.  So crank up the AC, turn on the fan, […]

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