Repeat Performance – Revealed!

Thank you so much for knitting with me!  Another big thank you to our sponsor, Skacel, for providing fabulous prizes to all our loyal knitters!

Please join me in January as the Progressive Needles KAL continues with Winter Buzz, a delightfully fun mitten pattern.  This toasty mitten features cables, a full-fashioned thumb gusset and more.  (Our warm weather friends may opt for fingerless mitts.)

Winter Buzz uses Simpliworsted yarn for a soft and washable mitten.  If you enjoyed Simplicity in the Triplicity shawlette you will adore its plump sister!  The mittens use 2 skeins of Simpliworsted and US #5 and #7 needles with a gauge of 5 stitches per inch on larger size needles.


24 thoughts on “Repeat Performance – Revealed!

  1. Finally! I just finished this pattern. I’m now ready for the next project. I continue to learn from you and enjoy your projects. Thank you!

  2. No question is dumb, my friend! If you are a magic looper ( I am one, too!), you will need a 32″ or 40″ circular needle in a #5 and a #7. The dpns are for the thumb and they are optional. Some knitters prefer to knit the thumb with dpns but it can also be knit with the magic loop. Don’t forget that you will need a cable needle, too!

  3. I’m feverishly knitting those socks to finish by then. This was my first KAL to do so I look forward to my second one with you.

  4. I’m delighted you will be knitting with us! You may knit the mittens with double points, two circs or magic loop. You can easily knit them two at a time if you prefer. If knitting one at a time – 24″ circs for 2 circ method and 32″ for magic loop. Two at a time – 32″ for 2 circ method and 40″ for magic loop. Great gift suggestions for Santa!

  5. For January KAL, I need some clarification on the needle sizes required. I like using circular. I need the length of needles required and do we do this as a “two at a time” project. Thank you!

  6. Thanks
    I guess that one of my concerns was if the heel on the Fluttered sock was Quote thicker “eye of Partridge” and this one is “short Row” if that made and difference in the stay up ability of the sock?
    I’ve knitted about 1″ of the pattern on the leg and thought that I needed to go to the rib now if it was to be an anklet sock.
    Will try the sock on as you suggested and go from there.
    Thanks again

  7. The leg length is completely your choice. If you are on circular needles, go ahead and slip the sock on to determine your desired length. When I do a footie, I knit about a 1″ ribbed cuff after the heel – my preference and you may like a different configuration. One of the nicest things about hand knit socks is the ability to customize. Let me know what you decide!

  8. I prefer the anklet length sock (like Fluttered) from the last KAL project. Is there a rule of thumb for the length of the leg portion for this length? I was concern that if too short would slide down into my shoe.

  9. Nothing published but I’ll try to help. Using the medium size chart, remove the knit stitches in Columns 1, 16, 17 and 32. Also, reduce the sole to 28 stitches. Voila, down to 56 stitches.

  10. I’m trying to help a tiny-footed friend with these socks. Are there chart mods for a 56 stitch version published anywhere?

  11. Judy,
    Let’s see if this helps. I will explain for one sock at a time knitting sock #1 for the size medium (see Sock #1 Chart Size Medium). You will begin with line 1 of the chart. The 32 stitches of this line will be worked twice – one time for the front of the leg and then one time for the back of the leg. Now it is time to move on to line 2 of chart – knit all 64 stitches of the sock (front and back of leg). Move onto line 3 and work that line of the chart once for the front of the leg and another time for the back of the leg. Lastly, work line 4 of the chart – knit all 64 stitches of the sock (front and back of the leg). You have now completed 4 rounds of the design – one repeat. Continue with the 4 round repeat until your leg reached the desired length. The design up the front of the leg should look exactly like the foot. Refer to my pictures on the KAL page for reference.
    Happy knitting,

  12. Sorry, I’m back. I read the clarified instructions you gave me above. I compared them to the chart for medium socks. If you only knit line one of chart one and two won’t that change the design? Clarify for me one more time please.
    Say I am doing only one sock at a time. I knit across line one of chart 1 for sock one, front and back. The next round I continue knitting only line 1. I never knit another line for this sock:)

    What seems odd to me is that line 3 is left out and I would think that would change the way the bumps arrange themselves on the sock.
    Sorry to be such a pain but I want to do this right.

  13. The finished socks are lovely. I am still working on part 2 (curse of big feet). Should be done before the January KAL (for which I already have the yarn).

  14. Thank you. I think I will number my charts so I don’t confuse myself. I am so pleased with two at one time. What a difference it makes.

  15. Let’s see if we can clear things up for you:
    Work Line #1 from Chart #1 on 1st 32 stitches of Sock #1
    Work Line #1 from Chart #2 on 1st 32 stitches of Sock #2
    Work Line #1 from Chart #2 on 2nd 32 stitches of Sock #2
    Work Line #1 from Chart #1 on 2nd 32 stitches of Sock #1

    You will repeat this for each of the 4 lines of the chart on the respective socks.
    Does this help?

  16. Michelle
    I was hoping that someone else would have ask this question but so far not. I am confused. As you start up the leg, the front is knitted on chart line #1 across both socks. The back of the leg is knitted using chart line #3. Lines #2 & #4 are no longer being used? Confusing question I hope I am getting this to you right. So..
    Line #1 of the chart is always knitted each and every time for the front? (across all 32 stitches of each sock).
    Line #3 of the chart is always knitted each and every time for the back? (across all 32 stitches of each sock).

    Sorry for the big brain tease after that big meal. I love the look of the pattern I justs don’t want to have to take it out.
    Thank you,

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