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My next knit along will be a shawl knit with the beautiful new yarn, Concentric.  Named after the concentric circles that this cake of yarn so closely resembles, these color gradients were carefully designed by the Skacel color specialists! Concentric is made from four non-plied strands, which create the distinctive color change.  The colors change at a regulated sequence allowing for a wide range of design possibilities.

In Transient, each color change will bring a different stitch pattern in this easy to wear shawl.  You will find yourself racing to the next color change to find out what comes next!

Pictured below is a prototype of the shawl.  This garter stitch example is in the exact shape of the Transient shawl and knit in color #1022 Rainbow’s End.  Imagine how much prettier the real version will be with multiple stitch patterns inserted at the thirteen color changes.  Concentric is made of 100% baby alpaca with each cake containing 220g/437 yds.  One skein is all that is needed for the shawl.

The knit along is FREE.  Simply return here any time after 9am EST on April 5th to view the first set of instructions.


  • Concentric By HiKoo, 100% baby alpaca, 200g / 437 yds, ONE skein
  • US #8 (5mm) needle, 32” circular, or size needed to achieve stated gauge.

Approximately 20 stitches and 40 rows = 4” in garter, unblocked.

53” at widest edge, 27” deep


26 thoughts on “April KAL – Transient

  1. The yarn is ready to be knit from the skein as it is. You may pull from the outside or the inside to suit your preference. Looking forward to knitting together!

  2. So excited for your group to knit with me! The shawl is knit flat into an asymmetrical triangle. It can be worn so many ways that it is hard to say which color will be by your face. You can knit from the outside or inside of the skein. I think the higher concentration of color is with the color used at the cast on. I recommend casting on with the end that is in your favorite shade.

  3. Our knitting group is ready to check gauge. What is the shawl construction? We are all trying to decide what color we want against our beautiful faces. (Not sure if we should pull from the center or start on the outside.) Help please. Oh, and the yarn is prettier in person!

  4. Can’t wait for KAL to start: just a question: would we need to re-wrap yarn into a ball? If so, do we start from center or outside to wind up yarn. I consider myself like an advanced beginner, so if this has been discussed already I have not seen it. Thank you very much.

  5. I just saw the email with your ideas on how to wrap the “transient” shawl picture from your KAL for April. I would never wear this just wrapped once around the neck, but like the ways you’ve wrapped in today’s email. Could you send pictures of the back view of these shawl wrap pictures?

  6. Some of my photos show the shawl tied and folks were wondering if it was actually knit that way – the answer is no, it has open ends. Gauge is important if you want your shawl to stripe at the color changes. I will talk about this extensively in Part 1. Looking forward to knitting together:)

  7. I ordered my yarn and looking forward to the knit along. In looking over previous comments, I am not sure what is meant by open ends.

    How important is gauge in this shawl?

  8. Any yarn that will give you gauge will work. However, Concentric stripes in a specific manner and the stitch patterns will coincide with the color changes. There are several online shops featured on my website that carry Concentric if you would like it shipped to you. Please let me know if you need any recommendations. See you in April!

  9. I can’t wait to knit the April KAL, Transient, with you! No need for registration and the pattern is FREE. Simply go to my website any time after 9am Eastern time on April 5th to view the first part of the pattern. Part One will include lots of tips, photos and video lessons to help you along the way. You will also be able to download a printable copy for knitting on the go. I monitor questions daily both on my website and in my Ravelry group so it is like having your own private knitting tutor. Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to receive an email reminder prior to the start of the KAL. We are going to have lots of fun together!

  10. If you make a swatch to check the gauge, how will using the beginning yarn for the swatch affect the pattern? Will there be enough yarn to finish the shawl?

  11. Should we unwind our swatch and reuse the yarn? If we don’t, will it affect where the color change occurs in the pattern? Thank you.

  12. You can work from either end. I like to search from the outside of the skein since it’s easier to wind it back onto itself. Can’t wait to share the pattern with you!

  13. Love the yarn making my gauge
    When working with this yarn are we pulling yarn from
    Middle of ball or on the outside of ball?
    Can’t wait for April

  14. Really like the look of this yarn, so in reference to the pattern, on a scale of 1-10
    How difficult will the pattern be? I feel I’m an intermediate knitter.
    When will be able to download pattern?

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