Advice from Grandma

My grandmother, Ann Davalla, taught me to knit as a young girl. I can still see her care worn hands guiding me through the stitches. I learned many things from Grandma over the years, but one of her favorite sayings about knitting has stuck with me.
It happened when I became very frustrated after finding a mistake deep in my knitting. Grandma calmly looked at the mistake and said, “If it is perfect, it was made on a machine.”
How liberating that phrase was to me! Grandma gave me permission to be human and a reason to accept my mistake. I think this knitting lesson could apply to life in general. So be human and knit on!

10 thoughts on “Advice from Grandma

  1. how wonderful, I never had a grandma, and to have one to teach me to knit would have been so inspiring. I appreciate your encouragement and all of your online videos, I am learning slowly, yet my goal is to learn to knit two socks on one circular needle. I really hope I can learn it, so I can pass this down to my two grand daughters, I am 50, so I still have time to learn, so they will have memories like yours, take care, Gina

  2. I was very near and dear to both my grandmothers. My paternal grandma taught me to knit when I was very young, and I wish she was still here today to see what I have been able to accomplish in my knitting and to still be able to learn things from.

  3. A mistake left in my work is always a testament to the fact that only God is perfect. I’ve always heard that early American quilters used to make one whole block in their quilts that was “wrong” and did not match for the sole purpose of professing their faith in this belief.

  4. Lucky you to have your grandma still so active.
    Mine died when I was 9 and I only remember her as sick old woman although she was not so old (I always refers to only having one cause the other one was already dead when I was born). On the other hand I remember HER mother´s sister´s – two old lady´s, one of them always knitting with pins at 2mm (my guessing) knitting lovely mittens all with patterns in one color.
    Best wishes to you and your granny.

  5. i love your grandma’s thinking. this Eazy pattern has had me in tears. ready to throw in the towel, but after many ripped &reknit rows i’m finally at the heel of sock1 must admit don’t care for color combo. maybe color choice good idea for future project. really love the twisted cast on. also loved the stretchyness of the glove twisted cables.

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