Afterthought Heel – Part 1

An afterthought heel is added after the foot and leg of the sock is completed. This heel is a great choice for color work socks and creating contrasting colored heels. Part 1 demonstrates placing the waste yarn that will later be removed to insert the heel.

13 thoughts on “Afterthought Heel – Part 1

  1. Where could I find the sock pattern of the sock you are working on in this video? I love it it very beautiful!

  2. I prefer my socks shorter than what the finished sock will be. I’m working the small size.
    If I work only 1/2 of the section 2 and 3 repeats will that affect the final design? Section 1 is 3.25 in.

  3. After knitting in the waste yarn, the stitches are returned to the left hand needle and then you will knit in the round as if there was no interruption to your pattern.

  4. Your method adds an extra row to the leg. In a plain design this would be fine. Slipping the stitches back to the left hand needle allows you to maintain the design without interruption. I will have to try your method soon! Happy knitting!

  5. Instead of slipping stitches back to the needle after knitting in the row of waste yarn, I purl back instead to get to the beginning of the row. In your opinion, does one method have an advantage to the other? As usual, your videos are great!

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