7 thoughts on “Afterthought Heel – Part 3

  1. This was so useful…just finished my first afterthought heel/sock.
    Thank you for such clear instructions and video!

  2. Can I download the afterthought videos onto my kindle so I can follow the instructions at home. I don’t have internet at home and that is where I knit

  3. This is a great heel! I’ve wanted to learn the technique for a while and now with your tutelage I’m off and running. Not only is it attractive, I like that it can be replaced especially when using some of the more fragile sock yarns. Thank you so much for creating this project and the supporting videos!

  4. These were fun sox to do. I made the medium size and they seem a little big, but I haven’t blocked them yet. Is this the end of the KAL for now? I love these sessions, as they give me constructive gifts and a some head knowledge to add to whatever I have upstairs. It helps calm me and has been my saviour.

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