6 thoughts on “Bobbles – Japanese version

  1. I am sorry that my videos are not helpful to you. Many of the techniques can be found in my books with written explanations there. Happy knitting!

  2. Any chance the directions are written somewhere, for those of us who can’t use videos (due to internet connections and hardware issues)? Trying to see what is going on when the video starts and stops and jerks around and “hangs” can eat up data usage limits, not to mention, be very difficult to follow.

    I do appreciate that the videos are provided for those who like them, but not all of us do.

  3. I am working on the Adorable ewe sweater. Should I have 2 balls of yarn so I can knit without carrying my main color across my bobbles? I tried that and found it difficult not to distort the body of the ewe

  4. I just finished learning the regular bobble stitch for a poncho. I do like this version of a bobble much better. It is a neat & precision version compared to the other. Thanks bunches – i can probably substitute this version for the regular version? I’m using worsted yarn – would that make a difference?

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