8 thoughts on “Braided Cowl

  1. Good for you to make a cowl as an early knitting project! Tacking the cowl together sounds like a good solution to your cowl. I hope you will knit the pattern again and you can try braiding tighter to see if you like that look better. It really is just personal p0reference as either look is fine.

  2. My cowel is loose. Can I tack it together to have it hold its shape, or should I block it? I am a new knitter so this was a first project for me. Thank you

  3. The condensed version of the pattern was added today as a FREE download to my Pattern Store and Ravelry. For detailed instructions and photos, go to the KAL page on my website. Happy knitting!

  4. I looked all through your pattern shop but I could not find Intertwisted. It looks lke a really fun knit, could you add a link? The video was great, I never would have guessed that the join would disappear that way! Magic!

  5. Thank you so much for your efforts, I enjoy all your demos and KAL’s. Please consider changing the color for this section, the dark posts are very hard to read.

  6. Thank for knitting with me! How fun that I kept you guessing until the end! Looking forward to knitting with you in January. Be sure to subscribe to for my newsletter for upcoming news about the KAL and more.

  7. Thanks for leting me join the kal. I’ve enjoyed it. The cowl is gorgouse. My daughter wanted one for Xmas. I will join in Jan. For the socks. This one was a Simply
    Easy project. With big empact. Did not expect the end.thanks. eileen

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