The one row, horizontal buttonhole is a sturdy and tidy buttonhole. It is a great choice for pieces where the buttonhole receives a lot of stress. You will be delighted with its easy execution and professional appearance.

12 thoughts on “Buttonhole

  1. Work the stated stitches to the buttonhole placement. Work the buttonhole EXACTLY as seen in the video. It doesn’t matter what stitches surround the buttonhole, the procedure is the same. Hope this helps!

  2. You make this look so easy! Thank you for the clear instructions both visual and auditory. You are a brilliant teacher with a gift for knitting and mentoring.

  3. It looks like this should be done on a RS row. My instructions for a button band says: “With RS facing, Pick up and knit…. Knit 4 rows. Row 5: K2, make 1 row buttonhole….” Doesn’t this put me on a WS row? Should I Knit an extra row? Or am I confused???
    Thank you for the videos. I have knitted for years but haven’t tried new things until finding your tutorials and books. I have really expanded my repertoire of techniques.

  4. Thank you! Than you! Thank you for this video. I will stop avoiding knitted garments that have buttonholes. I’m no longer afraid of them!

  5. Thank you for such wonderful videos….I have done 3 of your KALs and am amazed how much I learn each time….

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