Circular Gauge (Knit Flat)

Knitting in the round may yield a different gauge than flat knitting. In flat knitting, the right side of the stockinette stitch is all knit with the wrong side comprised of purl stitches. When knitting stockinette in the round, every stitch is a knit stitch. For many knitters there is a discrepancy in size between a knit and a purl stitch which can impact the stitch count of your gauge. To ensure the accuracy of your gauge, the swatch should be knit in the same manner as the garment. For example, if you are knitting a sweater in the round then your gauge should also be knit in the round.

You can cut your swatching time in half with this short cut that will give you the proper circular gauge as you knit flat.

3 thoughts on “Circular Gauge (Knit Flat)

  1. Wow, great video with this short cut. I love the retro color scheme of your website, BUT the problem is that the darker text boxes with grayish print is next to impossible to see…I have to put my face almost touching the screen just to see the print comment above or the text below the comment boxes. Maybe you could try something to make the print pop a bit from the teal/turquoise shading. Perhaps larger BOLD print would help. It did not help to enlarge the text size on my end.

    BTW…the reason I said the website was in a retro color was because I bought a house many years ago that was built in the 50’s and we had the same color toilets, tiles, and all counter tops through out was matching shades…LOL! Believe it or not, this color can make a pregnant woman sick. HAHA! I was so glad to get rid of the bathroom tile before the 2nd pregnancy.

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