12 thoughts on “Crown Picot Bind Off

  1. Yeah! I’ve been trying to find a video on triple picot that is not crocheted. Perhaps, I have been calling the wrong name?
    Thank you, thank you! I will use this on a shawl I’m binding off.

  2. Your videos are the way I am learning to knit. They are so clear to understand can’t wait to use this one. Keep up the videos!

  3. I like this! I am making a shawl using one of the cupcake yarns with the different colors and they are all fall colors. I would like to try this on the shawl to finish it off.
    Thanks for the video .

  4. I love your videos. The crown picot bind off is very pretty and looks easy to do. I am sure I will use it on a future project.

  5. Thanks for this tutorial. You explain things so well that I usually get it, and I am not an easy student. Just want to ask you if you have a pattern for angel wings I can attach to angels. I make angel wraps for a hospital to give to parents, beautifully wrapped, for babies born with their eyes closed. I cannot find any that are knitted, so just thought I’d take a chance to ask you. I would be willing to pay for such a pattern. Just thought I’d try and will understand if you are not able. Maggie

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