24 thoughts on “Grandma’s Favorite Bind Off (Loose Bind Off)

  1. I’ve been a knitter for over 50 years and haven’t been happy with my bind off. This was easy and much better. Thank you.

  2. Thank you! I am a total newbie & Grandma’s bind off was easy & perfect! You are a wonderful teacher!

  3. I’m SO happy I discovered your site! I’ve been knitting for years, but have progressed more in the last week than I ever have by following your demonstrations. I’m gaining the confidence to try more difficult patterns now. Just this bind off has saved me so much frustration with a sweater neck that was too tight, and learning how to seam correctly has been a real breakthrough for me. I’ve actually made a decent looking sweater. Now I can make more than scarves and blankets! Thank you, thank you!

  4. Does this go with the long tail cast on?
    If not, what bind do you recommend. This is for garter stitch scarf, knit longways.

  5. Thank you!!!! I was struggling to find a bind off for a wool shawl that had slightly curving triangle bases along the bottom edge. Nothing seemed to work. This one did!

  6. I would prefer to bind off in pattern (see my video with that title). This will be somewhat loose due to the nature of seed stitch. However, if you feel you are a knitter who binds off tightly try using a needle 1 or 2 sizes larger to prevent a tight edge.

  7. Could grandmas favorite bind off be used for a afghan border done in seed stich. It says to bind off loosely? Thanks

  8. When you have one stitch left on the needle, elongate this stitch to make a large loop. Pull the tail through this loop firmly and you will have a secure end to your bind off.

  9. First of all, thanks for a great website! I’ve learned SO much from watching your great videos. My question is what, if any, special instructions you can provide for dealing with the last stitch with this bind off for a project knit in the round? I want to make sure that the connection point is smooth and even, and also want to make sure that the tail is secure and not subject to coming loose. Thanks for any recommendations!

  10. There are dozens of bind offs and all have specific properties making them suitable for certain situations. This bind off is a looser bind off and may be used any time you see fit. If you need a firm bind off you may want to try the standard bind off. So many knitting techniques, so little time!

  11. Try the Crochet Cast On – see my video for a demo. The edge is very similar to Grandma’s Favorite Bind Off. This cast on, when done in a waste yarn, becomes the Provisional Cast On.

  12. Can you please recommend a cast on that complements this bind off in elasticity and edge? Thank you so much for all your videos!

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