Japanese Short Row Heel

The Japanese Short Row Heel is similar to a standard short row heel, but I find the result tidier and easier to construct. Pins are used in place of the usual wrap and turn. Give it a try!

16 thoughts on “Japanese Short Row Heel

  1. I always wanted to work the Japanese heel but never understood it until now. So many frustrating, failed and frogged attempts…

    Fantastic tutorial, thanks!

  2. Very nice technique!! I’ll give a try, as the usual short row heel is rather difficult for my unexperienced hands. How many pins would you use for an adult sock. I usually have 30 stitches in my heel and do the short rows leaving just ten in the middle. Would that be ok?

  3. I felt very confident using this technique. No trouble counting like I do in standard wrap and turns. Will definitely have plenty of locking pins before next pair of socks as I had alot of trouble with standard safety pins snagging my yarn.

  4. Love this short row technique. This will be my “go to” short row for future knitting. No more trying to find the wrap. Thanks!

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