6 thoughts on “K2tog tbl

  1. What you are describing is an ssk which is a smoother left leaning decrease. Some patterns call for the k2tog tbl instead because the twist is a design element.

  2. Try this: reposition the orientation of the two knit stitches in question and then knit through the back loops as you do in the video. The decrease will still lean to the left and the stitches will not be twisted. It’s the knitting through the back of the loops which makes the left lean, not the twist in the stitches.

  3. Yes, it will twist the stitches. The k2tog tbl is designed to be a left leaning decrease and the twist is what gets them to lean to the left. Happy knitting!

  4. Good eagle eyes! The k2tog tbl and the ssk are both left leaning decreases. However, the ssk is a bit tidier and more closely mirrors a k2tog.

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