Left Twist – Mirror Image to Right Twist

Create a beautiful mirror image to the right twist with this method.  It is so nice you will want to use it even without a paired right twist.

4 thoughts on “Left Twist – Mirror Image to Right Twist

  1. So I am on part one I did lower edge side one, garter border, set up rows. Do now am I supposed to do the pattern then move on to the diamond pattern?

  2. Nancy,
    The Russian Join would work, but i think that it is too obvious in this pattern. I just started a new skein away from the edge (so as not to interrupt the slipped stitch edge) and then later wove in my ends. The Dot Pattern written instructions in Row 2 read to purl ALL wrong side rows through Row 8. A multiple of 4+3 gives you the number of stitches required to work the pattern. If you want to adjust the pattern then you must have this amount of stitches. If you are not adjusting the size then you can ignore that. Happy knitting!

  3. What is the best way to join another skein of Hikoo? I’m used to the Russian bind, but I don’t think it will work with this yarn.

    ALSO, the dot pattern has directions for 7 rows, but the chart calls for 8. Not sure what you mean by multiples of 4 + 3. Could you explain, please?


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