4 thoughts on “Mattress Stitch in Garter

  1. Finishing can be finicky! I would try joining with wrong sides together since most finishing is done with right sides facing you. I would ignore the slipped stitch edge and join the next stitches to each other. this being said, try a few stitches and see how it looks. I often have to attempt a seam several times before I get it just right. Good luck and happy knitting!

  2. My hooded scarf was knit in garter stitch but with a slipped stitch at the beginning of the row. The instructions call for a mattress stitch join after folding the fabric onto itself but it doesn’t say whether it’s right sides together or wrong. Do you have any suggestions? Also, can you tell me where my stitches should go because of the slipped stitches?

  3. Pearl u r the best teacher I know! I have looked at so many videos n then I saw yours!!!!! U make everything so simple and understandable. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you n God bless.


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