New Beginnings

I was recently teaching a skill building class where a knitter was grumbling about having to unknit a row after realizing she had made a mistake in the stitch pattern. Everyone in the class agreed that they hated making mistakes – all except for Katy. Katy smiled sweetly and proclaimed, “I think of every row as a new beginning. I just keep on knitting.” The class howled with laughter!

While most people strive for perfection, Katy just enjoys the process and knits for the pleasure of it. Her work is just like her – fresh, unique and fun! I love her positive perspective!!

2 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Truly a positive way to knit (and think)…
    I myself have always considered the mistakes as “MY” customization of some one elses genious idea ,o)
    Heck most wouldn’t even know it was there if it doesn’t get pointed out lol and then again, we do all have the ones that scream “what WERE you thinking?” haha leave them in… they add character!!!

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