PSSO is the abbreviation for “pass slip stitch over”. It is a common decrease and can be found in many lace patterns. Using the left needle tip, simply lift a slip stitch on the right hand needle over the following stitch(es) and remove it from the needle. A decrease and a lovely design element have been created!
Watch the following video to see several variations of the psso demonstrated.

7 thoughts on “PSSO

  1. Thank you so much! That was what needed to do. Your video lessons are wonderful. I love them!

  2. Thanks for referring to my videos! I just tried watching it and had no problems. Refresh your browser and see if that helps. Let me know if you have any luck, please.

  3. I have tried to watch this video, it does not appear on the page. I have watched other videos. Is there a problem?

  4. Just want to thank you for these instructional videos! I started knitting last summer and was very discouraged until I discovered websites offering tutorials. My other knitting instructor is teaching a crochet series now….which I already know. So that’s how I came across you. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

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