25 thoughts on “Sewn Bind Off

  1. Thank you so much for this cast off. I had read that it was a good cast off for a k1,p1,rib
    I didn’t know what they were referring and then on the same day I found your tutorial.
    It worked out beautifully and has a nice amount of stretch.

  2. Can someone talk about how to close the bind-off in a circle rather than a flat piece? How do you weave in the tail afterward?

  3. your video and explanations are awesome, you are my go to site for anything I want to learn. I would like to do this bind off on my one at a time magic loop sock. I didn’t see a video for this, how would I do this?


  4. I have just finished a sweater for a new baby and as you know their head is a lot larger than the rest of their body. My question is, will the sewn bind off work ok to use on the k2p2 ribbing on the neck? It would give more elasticity to putting the sweater on don’t you think?
    Thank you Jill

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  6. Michelle… Thanks so much for this wonderful video. I just used it to apply my first sewn bind-off to the top of a toe-up sock. It looks wonderful! I love the sturdiness of the edge that is formed. It is so even and pretty. I now will probably use this bind-off for all my toe-up socks. Thanks again!

  7. Just finished – these socks are awesome – I was really worried that they would be too tight when finished, but they fit perfectly. Planning to wear them tomorrow while traveling!

  8. I have really enjoyed making the socks. It is my 3rd time making a pair of socks I use the
    2 socks on one needle. I have found it to be a lot of fun to wait for the weekly installment of instructions. I am almost done with both socks. On to Februry and the wristlets.
    Thanks again for a lot of fun. Oh forgot to add. Now when my husband is clicking, flipping the tv channels I really don’t care I am so busy knitting and ripping and fixing and knitting
    my socks don’t look as good as yours but the next pair will be even easier. Will the video’s always be available ?? Joan

  9. So sorry this bind off is not your cup of tea. It is essential to have a loose and elastic bind off for toe up socks so I chose this bind off for those reasons. Each pattern in this series will feature various techniques for you to learn or review. The great thing about socks is that you can combine your favorite elements to suit you. Happy knitting!

  10. not particularly enamored of this bind off. be careful…if you don’t like it, it is horrifically time consuming to take out!

  11. I admit I was a little apprehensive before I watched this video. The Kitchener stitch seems simple but I always mess it up somehow if I’m not sitting in front of a video doing it step by step. I think I can actually remember how to do this sewn bind off. Thank you for the excellent videos. I can understand why your classes are always full. I hope you can keep living your dream because I’m sure that it will help my dream of becoming a better knitter come true.

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