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  1. I love this edge and used it on a baby blanket. It looks great. However, I showed a friend how to do this stitch, and it is not looking good on her work. I think it might be because she is doing a seed stitch edge. It didn’t occur to me that if the first stitch after the slip st is a purl, this edge won’t work. Is that right? Or is she doing something wrong?
    As always, thank you for this great knitting resource!

  2. Working it exactly as seen in the video should do the trick. Be sure that your yarn is in front of the work, slip as if to purl, then return the working yarn between the needles to the knit position. Hope this helps!

  3. How do I tighten up the left edge of my knitting? The last stitch on the right side is knitted and the first stitch on the purl side is slipped per directions. The slipped stitch on the right side is always neat. Thanks so much for your help.

  4. Thanks so much for knitting with me! the repair work will not be simple, but it can be done. You would need to drop down the offending stitch all the way to the beginning of the center motif and then ladder it back up. This would be tricky since you would only pick up every other ladder since the stitch is slipped. Personally, I would take it back down to the border and start again if this repair work is beyond your scope of work. Sorry that I don’t have better news:(

  5. I am doing the Match Play poncho and this is my first big project. As I was working the dot/diamond pattern, I think I slipped the 1st stitch in the diamond pattern with yarn in front instead of yarn in back. I has a bar that I don’t believe should be there. Is there a fix for this? I hate to take all my knitting out but will do if needed.

  6. I like the looks of it, too! Adding the extra stitches would depend on the pattern at the edge. If the edge stitches are used for a stitch design then add them, but if it is a garter border or such then you can just slip them.

  7. I like the look of the slip stitch edge very much. When incorporating this into a project such as a shawl that would have an exposed edge on left and right sides, should two extra stitches be added to the cast on number?

  8. Glad you like the new look! I don’t have a video for the exact thing you are looking for. I do have a video to repair the first stitch of a row when it is dropped. Work just one loop of this step and you should achieve the missing slipped stitch. Hope this helps!

  9. Congratulations on your new website. It is very appealing and precise.
    I just watched your slip stitch edge video and was wondering if you have a video showing how to fix the edge if you forgot to slip a stitch maybe a row or two previously. Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.

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