6 thoughts on “Smocking Stitch

  1. Hi! First off, I absolutely love your videos!!
    I am working on a pattern that has what looks like a smocking stitch but the instructions are to wrap 6 stitches twice (more similar to your wrap 3 video).
    When is it best to wrap versus smock?
    Thank you!

  2. Thanks for knitting Building With Lace with me! As the patterns increase in difficulty, it is more important than ever to use lifelines and markers. The markers need to be reset with the staggered design in Section #6 so be sure to follow the directions for their placement in the “Markers” instructions. My best advice to go slow and steady and you will be fine. You can do it!

  3. Love this smocking stitch. A group of us ladies are working on your Building with Lace. I am appreciative of your on line help & looking forward to your next book & adventure. Thank you for the video lessons & tips. They are allowing me to build my confidence while creating this beautiful shawl it already looks like a masterpiece & I am only on section six.

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