7 thoughts on “Spider’s Web – Embroidery in Knitting

  1. I want to thank you for your books and website. I completed the Building Blocks book, made a very nice afghan and improved my knitting immensely. I have now started the Building in Color book.

    I’m almost finished with the first panel and will be ready to put the spider web embroidery on soon, but I wanted to ask first – “Is it better to block the finished panel prior to adding the embroidery?”

  2. Nice to hear from you, Fran! I’m delighted you are enjoying Building in Color. I hope to visit you and all the knitters at Yarns by the Sea soon:)

  3. Thanks, Michelle. This is such a simple, yet wonderful accent. I’m loving the Building in Color project. Thanks again for helping to make me a better knitter!

    Hugs from Aptos CA.

  4. I had no trouble accessing the video -try refreshing the page to see if that works. I will be teaching this panel along with a few others in my class at YBTS so we can work on it together if you prefer. Looking forward to seeing you!

  5. I am ready to add my spider web roses to the strip I just finished knitting. I read your instructions, but I seem to be a visual personality when it comes to knitting. I tried to access your video, but it says it’s not available. Will it be available soon? I am signed up for your class at YBTS in Aptos on the 25th. I’m looking forward to it. thanks! Rosalie

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