SSK – Improved

A smoother version of the left leaning decrease that more closely resembles its right leaning counterpart, the k2tog. It can be used anytime an ssk is required.


16 thoughts on “SSK – Improved

  1. When executing an ssk, the stitches are slipped to the right needle and knit together off of the right needle. They are not put back on the left needle.

  2. I have been using this technique and wonder why it’s necessary to slip the second stitch? Slipping a stitch purl wise then putting it back on the needle doesn’t change it at all. So, I slip first knit wise, put it back and knit it with the next stitch through back loops. Am I missing something or is this the same?
    Thanks for wonderful videos.

  3. Thanks so much for you kind words, Nellie. My videos and website are not going anywhere. They will remain in place to assist you while I’m rocking babies!

  4. I love this SSK IMPROVED method!!
    I will miss you. I have learned so much from you. Your videos are national treasure. I love your techniques and short cuts. I hope we somehow would be able to access your videos when you leave the knitting community. Are they for sale and if so, where and how? You are a great asset to the knitting community world wide. You will be missed by all.
    I wish you a very happy reunion with your family and a happy and healthy life ahead.

  5. super ….. thanks for making this so easy to learn. Love how it looks. Thanks you so so much. AND LOVE YOUR VIDEOS.

  6. i have really enjoyed this KAL! I lov ed learning the gull stitch! I also really like the lace section after the gull section! The improved ssk is pretty perfect too!
    I am a little behind, but really enjoying myself!
    Thanks so much!!

  7. Thank you, that is so much better! I love your videos they are always my first choice when looking up how to do something.

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