8 thoughts on “SSK – Smooth Version

  1. Wow, wish I had seen this trick before I did my husbands Henley. The sleeves don’t look all that great because of the ssk’s. I will forever be knitting in the bl on those from now on! Thank you!


  2. Wow! That is such an easy way to clean up that decrease. I’ve tried other tips that have been suggested on knitting sites, but they haven’t helped all that much. Thanks for that.
    I’m just starting the socks and hope I will enjoy doing two at the same time. I’ve knitted many pairs of socks, but always one at a time, and don’t get “second sock syndrome” so haven’t had a real push to change.

  3. This trick is AWESOME!!!!! Just love all your videos and your site!! I live in North Carolina and can’t always get to my LYS —–you have helped me out soooooo many times!! AND…..my niece is Jody Kline…she has been going to your shop for lessons and just loves you all!!!!

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