Count your Stitches!

You’ve heard of the carpenter’s mantra, “Measure twice, cut once.” Knitters should count their stitches twice, knit once. It is painful to get to the end of a 187 stitch set up row and find out you only cast on 186 stitches!

4 thoughts on “Count your Stitches!

  1. It is very common to add stitches at the beginning of a row. Be sure that you not knitting into the first stitch of the row twice. To avoid this, tug on the working yarn so that the first stitch isn’t rotated over the top of the needle – this makes this one stitch look as if it is 2 stitches. If this is the case, knit the extra stitches together (k2tog) to return to your original stitch count.

  2. I counted my stitches and for some reason there were 3 too many, and each time I do another row there are more too many..what do I do with the ones that I do not need?

  3. Even more frustrating is when the pattern tells you to cast on 225 stitches, which you do, count, count, count again, and finally resign youself to inserting stitch markets to be SURE that you counted 225 stitches, and when you start into the pattern, you find out that the designer cannot do math because there is no way that you can have an even pattern with 3 knit stitches at the beginning and end. No even division of 219 by the 4 stitch repeat. ARGGHHHH!

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