27 thoughts on “Tubular Cast On – k2, p2

  1. Thanks for another great, helpful video. My pattern is knit in two pieces, front and back, until joined (the back is lower than the front.) My piece is 117 stitches, half of that is 58.5. And it’s 1×1 ribbing. I get how to do the cast on, but wondering about the number of stitches cast on. Any suggestions? Thank you!!

  2. Thank you for this excellent tutorial. I watched four other tubular cast on videos before I found yours and decided your method would work for me – and it did!! Now I will always consult your tutorials first and save a lot of time and frustration when learning new skills.

  3. My preference is to work the cast on in flat knitting and then join in the round once it is completed. I use my tail to close the tiny seam. Hope this helps!

  4. Instead of k2p2, can this be also used for k1p1 instead.? We would still need to cast on just half as many stitches but pull up from waste yarn after knitting one, right?

  5. Wanting to do tubular cast on for hat ribbing knit curcular. Ribbing pattern states 1st rnd = K2, P1 around. 2nd rnd = K1, P2 around. Any way to adapt CO for this, or must always be even pattern? Maybe do CO 1×1 for first 2 rows then move into pattern?? Thank you for excellent videos.

  6. I have been knitting for about 50 years, never seen this cast on before, I’ve heard of it but never tried it. Will be using it for my next project. This is a great video, as they say, you are never to old to learn something new. Always keep your mind open to new things!

  7. Hi Michelle! Thanks so much for all the great videos. I’m working on a garter stitch baby blanket, but I don’t like the long-tail cast-on that the pattern suggests. I really like the look of the tubular cast on in the Endgame scarf we worked on. Could I use the same tubular cast on for a garter stitch (just knitting every stitch instead of k2p2)?

  8. There are several variations of the tubular cast on. The Italian Tubular Cast On is worked with two strands of yarn. Watch my Double Knitting Cast On , but instead of two colors use two skeins of the same color.

  9. Hi Michelle! Is an Italian tubular cast-on the same as a tubular cast-on? Starting a hat…

  10. I would like to use this cast on for the top of socks. Is it stretchy enough for that? I love the way it looks in your example video!

  11. I have knit this tubular cast on. I can not find the coordinating tubular bind off, on your pages.

  12. Great video ! I’m waiting for my yarn to arrive in the mail so that I can get started on the KAL project. I have been following the other KAL’s, and now I’m ready to give it a try.

  13. I love this cast on. I got a sneak peak at it last night and am practicing this morning. Ready for kick-off.

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