Tuck Stitch

The tuck stitch is a decorative stitch that requires a stitch to be unraveled several rows and then reknit. The techniques sounds scary but it is easy to execute. Working this stitch will give you practice in repairing accidentally dropped stitches.

13 thoughts on “Tuck Stitch

  1. Any tips on tightening the one last knit stitch after the tuck stitch at the end of the row? I am ending up with a very uneven “bumpy” panel at the end of knit tuck rows because the last knit loop becomes very loose before i knit into it. Any suggestions? Or should I not worry about it ?

  2. I am looking for directions to do a tuck stitch purlwise, but haven’t found them anywhere. Can you help??

  3. I’ve been working on creating a pattern for a scarf that a big retailer created! The scarf requires this technique however instead of knitting into the stitch you purl into it! I haven’t been able to find the abbreviation for a tuck stitch done purl wise? Is there one?

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