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  1. Thanks for knitting Building Blocks with me! In Block #6, you are doing the Right Twist which has its own video. The C6B and C6F are cable stitches which are worked in Block #5. Watch the Right Twist video and you will be just fine:)

  2. i am doing a building block, number 6. Could you please tell me what a twist stitch is? I got lost where it says C6B and C6F. I do understand. It is called a twist stitch, so I thought I would be knitting two stitches out of order, then knitting the stitches left on the needle. Please help! I have to finish it by Friday and have already taken it apart three times! Thank you!

  3. Twist 4 Left – slip next 3 sts onto cable needle and hold at front of work, purl next st from left hand needle, knit sts from cable needle.
    Tiwst 4 Right – slip next st onto cable needle and hold at back of work, knit next 3 sts from left hand needle, then purl st from cable needle.

    Knit a cowl with me in the October KAL to learn a fun new cable stitch and a very cool cast on and bind off.

  4. Would I follow these steps for twist 4 right?
    And my pattern calls for twist 4 left.. Help
    I previously messaged you on this subject but lost your response

  5. You could try the cable needle to see if this helps you. Also, try lifting and stretching the three stitches with the right hand needle before working them to give you a little more wiggle room. I hope this helps.

  6. Since I knit very tight (enough to bend the needles) would you suggest slipping the 3 stitches onto a cable needle and than knitting them off…looking for something to help me.

  7. Just the motivation I needed to get caught up on the Focus Pocus KAL . Thank you Michelle for another great video!

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