9 thoughts on “Winter Buzz Thumb

  1. Loving the softness of this yarn and the lovely mitten pattern. As Skacel’s request for a winter pattern; I have always wanted to do a cardigan with buttonholes, having never done one I would appreciate the lessons, something soft, warm, quick with a simple pattern like the mittens or a little colorwork would be fun!

  2. The thumb video is great. Your videos are always so well done. Thank you! I love the mitten pattern, am making another pair in periwinkle blue for a friend. I may make the hat you designed also.
    I too hope for another KAL after this one. Perhaps hats could be included. Will mention it to Skacel. My confession is that I will knit whatever you design for us!

  3. Thanks for your support! I have really enjoyed the KALs, too! Skacel would be interested in your thoughts and suggestions for a new KAL.

  4. Just wondering…..will there be another KAL later in 2012? I’ve really enjoyed both so far, both the 6 month and now the 4 month KALs.

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