Yarn Over (Continental)

Continental knitters (yarn held in the left hand) execute a yarn over stitch differently from the Western-style knitters who hold the working yarn in the right hand.  Continental knitters will love how easy it is to execute the simple yarn over increase.

6 thoughts on “Yarn Over (Continental)

  1. I really like learning this wrap-stitch heel..but I’m totally confused with the right handed knitting video…is there a video for Continnetal knitters? I’ve watched the videos several times and I’m still having trouble with “where oh where do I put my yarn?” thanks- my socks are really pretty so far!

  2. I just tried it and it played for me. It does have a bit of a slow start at the beginning. Try refreshing the page and give it another try. Please let me know if the problem persists and I will look into it further.

  3. Hi ~ great sock pattern so far…I’m trying to watch the video of Continental Yarn Over but it won’t play….???

  4. Michelle
    Thank you so much.. videos are terrific
    Love the projects.
    Lace strip is gorgeous..cannot wait to see the next part.
    most kind of you and sponsors.

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