Center of Attention – Part 3

Are you now a huge fan of the axis cable?  I loved that one row of cabling gave the 10 row repeat a big impact with a chain links effect.










This gorgeous foot deserves only the best heel!  Part three of this pattern gives you instructions to knit a short row heel.  Many sock knitters prefer the short row heel because it is quick to knit, uses less yarn than a classic heel and most closely resembles a machine knit sock.  (Machine knit socks?  You will never return to them after experiencing the luxury of hand-knit socks!)

Watch my two-part video, Short Row Heel, Part 1 & Part 2, and complement those lovely cables with this slick heel technique.  If you are new to short row heels, you may find the optional use of a counter, as demonstrated in video, to be a handy aid.

For those of you knitting two socks at once, watch my Two at a Time Socks – Short Row Heel Video to manage both heels efficiently.

Part Three

Click here to download printable version

AC6 (Axis Cable) – slip 4 stitches to cable needle and hold in front of work, knit 2 stitches from left hand needle, return 2 center stitches from cable needle to left hand needle, move cable needle to back of work, knit 2 center stitches, knit 2 stitches from cable needle.  See Axis Cable Video

k2tog – knit two together.  See k2tog Video

ssk – slip next stitch as if to knit, slip next stitch as if to knit, insert left needle into the front of these two slipped stitches from left to right and knit together.  See SSK Video

W&T (Wrap & Turn)  See Wrap and Turn Video

  • On knit side – slip 1, bring yarn to front of work, slip same stitch back to left needle, bring yarn to back of work, turn.
  • On purl side – slip 1, bring yarn to back of work, slip same stitch back to left needle, bring yarn to front of work, turn.

yo – yarn over.  See Yarn Over Video

Directions are for women’s Medium (directions for Large in parentheses when necessary).


See Short Row Heel – Part 1 Video

Work next row of design pattern across 36 instep stitches (see above chart).  These stitches will remain unworked during heel construction.  The 32(36) sole stitches will form the heel.

Work across heel stitches as follows:

Row 1.  Knit to last stitch on heel, W&T.

Row 2.  Purl to last stitch on heel, W&T.

Row 3.  Knit to stitch before wrapped stitch, W&T.

Row 4.  Purl to stitch before wrapped stitch, W&T.

Repeat Rows 3 and 4 until there are 12(14) unwrapped center stitches ending after Row 4.  There will be 10(11) wrapped stitches on each side of the center stitches.

Pick up (unwrap) wrapped stitches as follows:  See Short Row Heel – Part 2 Video 

Row 1.  Slip 1, knit to 1st wrapped stitch, lift front leg of wrap from front to back (placing left leg of wrap in front of needle) and knit it together with next stitch through the back loop, turn.

Row 2.  Slip 1, purl to 1st wrapped stitch, lift back leg of wrap from back to front (placing right leg of wrap on front of needle) and purl it together with next stitch, turn.

Repeat Rows 1 and 2 until 1 wrapped stitch remains on each side of heel ending after Row 2.

Slip 1, knit across heel stitches and unwrap last stitch on knit side leaving one remaining wrapped stitch on the purl side.  (Do not go back and unwrap!)

Work across instep in charted pattern.

Unwrap last remaining wrap on the knit side by lifting wrap on needle (as on previous knit rows) and knit it together with next stitch through the back loop.  Knit remainder of heel stitches.


Your heel is done and you should be quite proud of it!  Come back next week and we’ll finish up the sock.

Happy knitting!

165 thoughts on “Center of Attention – Part 3

  1. Is the count wrong?? Should it be for large sock – 12-12-12. Not 12-14-12. Working on my heel now. Help!

  2. I’m not looking at the pictures because I’m only just starting to swatch for step one, but I was wondering if this pattern is workable as two socks at once on one cable needle?

  3. Welcome to the KAL! You should get a prize just for driving to the LYS! You are correct about the heel – it can be used in a cuff down or toe up sock. I use it all the time. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

  4. I just found your website and KAL last week. Since then I’ve made a three-hour round trip to the LYS to get just the right Treking yarn. (Seriously, the closest store that hadn’t run out of the color Suzanne – but all so worth the trip!) And now I’m just about to begin the heel on my first-ever sock — what fun!

    The videos you have provided are amazingly helpful. The pattern is just the right balance of challenging and interesting, but works up quickly. I’m really looking forward to catching up and knitting along with everyone in the March KAL.

    However, I have a question. The video link for the KAL #1 heel section is for a cuff-down sock. I’m assuming that it’s the same for a toe-up. But I just wanted to double-check before I begin — since I have so little time to catch up!

    Thank you for such a wonderful inspiring site.

  5. Congratulations to a fellow early morning knitter! I personally do not use reinforcing yarn in my socks but I know that some knitters like the option. For me, sock yarn that contains nylon gives the sock enough strength. Some knitters routinely knit the heels in a size smaller needle to make sturdier stitches. As for the knot issue, I like to rejoin the yarn at the beginning or end of the instep stitches if possible. This area seems to less noticeable and not a pressure point in my shoe. Hope this helps!

  6. Finally – finished my socks at 6:00 am this morning. Hooray! This pattern was such a pleasure to knit. I learned so many new techniques that will enhance my sock knitting pleasure. Thank you! thank you! I’m now ready, willing and able to start February’s project. (unlike January when my yarn arrived 2 wks late) I do have a couple of questions though: Do you ever use reinforcing yarn in the toe and heel? Also, I ran into a splice with a knot in the yarn while making my socks. How do you handle that? does it make a difference where you cut and join the strand since there’ll be a bit more bulk? Appreciate your advice. Thanks again for the fun!

  7. Question . . . If the clues are coming out on the 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd does mean they will all be on Tuesday’s for February?

  8. I did my socks 2 at a time from the toe up but when I got to the heel. I couldn’t figure out how to do the rounded heels at the same time. I transferred one sock and finished te heel on s set of 5 dp needles than did the other one on the long circuler than transferred the other one back on and finished the socks together. I’m sure there is a way of doing the two heels at the same time. Are there any insructions, anywhere to show how to do this?

    Thank you,

  9. wow! i just finished my first short row heel :)! Thank you for your amazing instructional videos! I couldn’t have done without them. I hope to finish this project in time for the february one. I’ve already bought the yarn; I can’t wait! Thank you so much for doing this KAL. I am new to the online knitting community and fell so happy to be part of it. Happy knitting!

  10. Sorry in the delayed response, but I wanted an accurate answer for you. The rules state that the sock must be knit in the “given month’s pattern”. Skacel is trying to keep it simple and fair so I hope you understand their requirement. I’m glad you like the sock and maybe the short row heel is perfect for someone on your gift list. Many thanks for your inquiry!

  11. Short row heels like this don’t fit me well. One of the main reason I don’t buy store-bought socks anymore is because other types of heels (flap heels, Cat Bordhi’s Riverbed architecture) fit me so much better that I can’t stand to buy them. Are we allowed to use a heel that works better for our feet?

    I love this sock! Thanks for the pattern!

  12. I don’t know what I would do without your wonderful, easy to follow video lessons which have taught me so much! Thank you Michelle.

  13. It’s 5:30 but it’s Saturday….Where’s the next part for my sock….not that I am in a big hurry to finish this…ha, ha. I am loving this.

  14. I am finally at the heel. Will have it done tonite or tomorrow. Too many things going on to get second sock done, but maybe it will happen……

  15. Ok 1 more heel to do then I am ready to put both socks on my circulars and finish them up. All ready for part 4 see ya at 9am

  16. On my way! I finally got my yarn (had to wait for it to arrive at LYS, and I went there 20 minutes after they called to say it was in!), and I swear I’m going to start tonight and catch up just as soon as I can. Must. Knit. Faster.

  17. This is the first time I have participated in a KAL and I am just loving it. I could not get the yarn in my area, so I had to order it from out of town and it took awhile for them to get it in. They finally got it today and it is being sent to me, so hopefully I should have it next week. I will get both Jan and Feb yarns at the same time. Not to be defeated I dug out some yarn from my stash (didn’t have any trekking there) and started on the pattern. I just love the way you cast on for toe up socks and the tutorials are wonderful. I loved the cable and I loved the short row heels. I have never done them this way before.
    I have now practiced and am ready to start my socks when the yarn gets here. My friend is also doing the KAL and we are both enjoying doing it together.
    Thanks for doing this KAL. I am sure we will all enjoy every aspect of it.
    I will be very busy once the yarn gets here, so I will have my socks ready and picture sent by the 15th.

  18. I have over 50 videos accessible from my homepage (click on Video Tips) that are always waiting for you whenever you need a refresher or to learn a new skill. Thanks for you suggestions. I’ll keep them in mind since I add a few new videos every month.

  19. i am learning so much watching your videos
    i had to watch the heel 3 times as i was getting the little holes
    made me nervous
    but relized they should be there
    hope you keep the video up after the kniting kal
    good refreher when you need it
    i am with Terry also
    would like to see kal with 2 at a time socks but with one inside each other
    that would be awesome!

  20. Love making these socks and can’t wait for the next segment. I only wish a smaller size was included. I found the foot part a little too wide. Will use a #0 needle next time to see if that will help.

  21. Nice work, Joyce! The cast on can be a bit fiddly on double points so good for you that you experimented with other needles. Many sock knitters are jealous of your tiny feet since you can be done so much faster.

  22. The wraps should leave a tiny hole which makes a nice design element. Pause the video to double check and see if you are picking the wraps up correctly. If you are, give the stitch after the wrap a good tug as you knit or purl it for extra tight tension. I’ll bet that your heel is much prettier than you are willing to give yourself credit for. Be proud of yourself for learning a new skill!

  23. Took me longer than anticipated to finish my December socks, so I finally cast on last weekend, and am now ready to turn the heel. I’ve made about a dozen pair of toe-ups with the figure 8 cast on and a different variation of the short row heel, so it’s been interesting to try new techniques. (The videos are fantastic!) I found the cast on to be too tight for my beloved dpns, so pulled out an old circ for the first round, then transferred to my preferred needles. Also had to knit the toe twice, as I have small feet, and discovered I needed to use 2.oomm instead of the 2.25 I originally tried.

  24. I have watched your video many times, seem to do the stitch correctly, but the wraps leave holes. One side of the heel is much more ragged than the other. Not sure what’s happening. Hope this makes sense.

  25. Almost done with my second foot is it Sat yet??? Cannot wait to see what the leg and cuff will look like

  26. What do you think is causing the problem? Can I help? Remember – you only have to stop the foot after an even row and not necessarily after a full repeat of the design. Good luck – 5 is a charm!

  27. Yikes!!! I have taken the heel out 4 times!!! They look messy and ragged to me. Thanks Lindsey for the post about knitting the sock a little longer, because before I took the heel out (again) I tried it on and it was a little short, so I knit another pattern repeat. I am much happier with that. Now off to knit the heel one more time. I have to be satisfied with this soon, more pattern clues on Saturday.

  28. Love these socks…can’t wait til Sat for the next instructions! Your videos are amazing…I have learned SO MUCH and developed a love for knitting socks! My feet are smiling…

  29. Thanks for the compliments! I couldn’t agree more about handcrafting. I’m sure only you notice the difference between the two heels.

  30. Thanks Michelle for the great online videos! You really do a great job of showing the techniques. I will continue to use your site as my go to reference and will recommend to others as well. I finished both heels, second one looks better than the first, but that is the nature of hand crafting! Thanks for doing this KAL!

  31. Funny I live in gaylord now soon to be PA but my mom lives on Sugar Island. Good to know there are knitters close to home.

  32. While peeking in search of clues for the weekly prize, I noticed that the knitting diva icon seems to be missing a finger. I hope it was painless, and more importantly, I hope it doesn’t hinder her knitting enjoyment.

  33. It is so funny to me how fast I can work socks now. I don’t remember how long it took me to make my first pair, it was simple stockinette stitch and I made a pair at some point with the left overs for my daughter. My next pair, was a 2 x 2 rib and took me a year. The next was a lace pattern and took the same.

  34. Yay! I am ready to turn my heel. I didn’t start until Sunday, so I’ve been playing catch up.

  35. I finally have a beautiful heel. I knitted a tube for practice and used it way more than I thought I would have to. I understood the instructions but seemed to get a brain freeze trying to execute it. Mission accomplished! Practice pays off. I’m having so much fun!

  36. I hope that you do the video teaching us how to do two socks at a time. I’m waiting until Saturday for the next set of instructions. This is so much fun. I might try to find the other end of my yarn and start on the 2nd sock. I’ll just have to splurge on another Addi circular needle. They are so easy to use once you get used to how fast and slick they are. Keep up the good work.
    I look everyday and still can’t find the clues for the prizes. I guess I’ll just have to keep trying.

  37. Started sock 2 got my toe done. Hoping to have it done by Sat then I will transfer all to the circulars and finish the 2 together. I cannot wait for Sat!!!

  38. Today is my birthday so I think I should get the next set of instructions today! Wishful thinking……:-)

  39. Just checking in to see…is it Saturday yet? No? Drat!

    To all of you who are first timers in a KAL, consider yourselves super lucky to be in THIS one. Michelle is doing a wonderful job with (so far…not trying to jinx you, Michelle) error free patterns and videos that are super clear to help. Best of all, the patterns are free!

    Just be aware, as you are searching for other KAL’s to join, that not all are this good. Check ravelry groups and such to see how people like others by the same person before signing up. Not all KAL’s are created equal and this is about the best one I have been in.

  40. I’m afraid I can’t give you any clues as what to look for – it’s like a treasure hunt!
    I use the magic loop for socks, mittens, hats and sleeves. I love using it!

  41. I noticed that the first prize had a clue in your comments section for that weeks posting, have been watching them for more clues but haven’t seen anything for the second two.
    From your latest reply on the prizes it sounds like we just wander through the sites and a notice will pop up? Do we need to have popups enabled to see them? Can you show an example of what it looks like?
    With as much time as I’ve spent checking out the different circular needles on the Skacel site (considering the plunge to trying circular needles and everyone at my LYS are in love with the Addi) I can’t believe I missed that one!!

    I am enjoying the KAL and am going to borrow a set of circulars from a friend so I can experiment with the Magic Loop. Can it be used for other circular things besides socks (hats, mitts, etc)?

  42. I finished this week on Sat. night. Found another sock pattern on the web with the same toe up cast on and short-row heels. I had some lace weight yarn. It was hand-dyed in what I thought would be pretty fall colors. The colors were just awful for a scarf. However, I located the spot on two skeins where the color pattern starts over. Using 2 strands, I am now making some more great looking socks. Did I mention, the yarn is a very soft mohair/silk blend. The socks are as soft as baby’s socks! Too delicate for shoes, though, so they will be bed socks. Oh, yes! I only had 1 circ in the size for the pattern and it was 16″. Yes, I am doing Magic Loop on a 16″ #0 circ. Is that determination or what? Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  43. To Sharon in Canada: we moved to Edmonton when I was 8, back to the states at 14. One way to tell is to look at how people spell ‘colour’ in their comments – color in US, colour in Canada. Hard when you’re a kid trying to pass spelling tests! I’ve noticed a few ‘-our’ spellings since this KAL began, & I smile & think, must be from Canada. 🙂

  44. Hello Nancy

    I am also having trouble finding the clues and the winners – am glad to hear I’m not alone

    What does LYS stand for?

  45. Hi again,

    Someone said congratulations to the first week’s winner–where do we find that. I have not seen anything about it nor have a seen anywhere to sign in other than here and buying yarn at LYS.

    Thanks from Atlanta area

  46. Heya,

    Just wanted to drop a note and tell you how much fun this KAL is! There are several doing this at our LYS and we’re always comparing socks, needles, product, etc. We all agree that your videos are tops! It’s exciting to have new clue every week and learn new techniques. It’ll be great to have several pair of new socks or several presents and of course we’re all hoping that we will be the lucky winner of the shopping trip! 😀

  47. Hello Nancy

    I live in Sault Ste. Marie – bought yarn in Gaylord, Michigan (about two hours away). only one very small yarn store here and it is not well stocked – wherever I go I look for yarn – haven’t been to Ottawa in a long time

  48. After ripping out over and over and over and over and over….well, you get the picture….I was bound and determined to make these socks! I have the toes finished, and I am going to start on the cable pattern this morning. Dispite the froggy start, I am really enjoying myself. I love a challenge! These are my first socks, and I decided to do them 2 at a time. I am often able to knit in the wee hours of morning or late at night, so I am usually tired. I think that is what gave the problems, just me reading the instructions wrong. I am going to try the tip I read about using a crochet hook for a cable needle. Well, back to knitting (got my coffee and itchin to start!)

  49. Hi, Sharon – this is my first KAL too and I’m enjoying it immensely. I live in Ottawa and had to get the yarn from a beautiful store in Perth – no one in Ottawa carried it. I’m also curious about how many are participating – what part of our cold country do you live in?

  50. WOW! I am really enjoying this knit-along. This is my first time doing anything like this and it is also my first time knitting ‘toe-first’ socks. I am most impressed with the videos – they have helped me – tonight as I was reading the other comments I learned that you can pause the videos – I’ve been playing them over and over. I have knit with Trekking yarn before and I really like it – I particularly like this month’s colour. I am not very computer-literate and this contest is teaching me new knitting skills as well as new computer skills. Thank you for both.

    As I read the comments I wondered where people live – are there other Canadians in the contest? I find it interesting that many of us are having difficulties getting the yarn – my friend has decided to join the contest but we have not yet got yarn for her…we are hopeful that the yarn will arrive at the closest store sometime this week

    My socks are looking good and I am anxious to get them finished!

  51. I think they will firm up for you with experience. Next sock try to tug a bit tighter on the first stitch after the W&T. Please do not fret over this as I am sure you are the only one who notices!

  52. While I was admiring your socks in the picture, it looks like the cable is only going up the front, so I was wondering, when we do the legs next week, is length going to matter, as I prefer shorter length socks?….

  53. Hi! Michelle dear, Just spent some time on your websight! I am not a knitter as you know but I sure enjoyed all the comments and your great replies. I am so proud of you!!!! Miss our Scrabble games however!

  54. Finished the heel and it’s an interesting technique. I’ve never used it on a sock before so I’m interested to see how it will wear. Now I’m anxiously awaiting next week’s installment!

  55. I am loving this KAL. As with every mystery KAL not everyone will like what the out come is but that is a chance you take. I say if you don’t like it don’t do the pattern again. Thank You Michelle for taking the time to do this for us . I LOVE the pattern it is just along wait until Saturday.

  56. That was very cool!!!!! I never made a heel that way, but I can’t believe no picking up!!!!! One more heel to go and I’m all caught up and ready for the last clue!!! I am loving this pattern and the great videos!! Thank you!!!! 🙂

  57. I just finished the heel. First time for short row heel. How do you keep your stitches by the W&T tight? My sides of my heel are a little looser than I would like. Thanks.

  58. First time for toe-up socks and short-row heels. Great fun! Your instructions are crystal clear with excellent videos. Thanks much!

  59. oh, I noticed after the 2nd clue came out, but kept forgetting to mention when I was online cause I’ve been checking out your website…. by the way can’t wait to try out the new (for me) heel. Looks easy and fun to do….

  60. I’m glad you are having fun! I used more stitches in the instep of this sock because of the cables which can draw your knitting in tighter. My “go to” size is also 64 stitches and I play with this number all the time.

  61. I would leave the heel as it is and let the leg fill in the rest of the heel. Adding more rows will create a hole when you return to the instep stitches.

  62. I am loving this sock pattern! Got a late start – but am catching up. Started and finished the toe on Saturday and I just finished the foot. Onward to the short row heel. I’ve been knitting socks for only 15 years – they are my passion. I have learned so many new techniques in this one pair. Michelle, I do have a question though: when adding a design to the instep is it always recommended to increase stitches in the instep to accommodate the design. My mainstay pattern is always 64 sts and I usually divide the sts with less in the foot and more in the instep if I use a pattern. Thank you for your insight. Now I have a foot to knit.

  63. I noticed the sox in the photo as soon as I began working the cable. Also noticed the sock in progress (April kal) when I found the supply list.

  64. Short row heels wear out faster, they are also easier to rip out and replace with the
    afterthought heel, but I really rather have the added cushion of the heel flap. When I make a sock to wear with Birks, there is usually a fancy heel flap, the
    flap is easier to keep a pattern, lace, cable, leaves, whatever.

  65. This heel is very short on the back of my foot. Should I knit a few rows so the back of the heel is over the top of my shoe?

  66. Are you on the last row of the heel? If so work last wrap on knit side (the left side of the heel with right side facing you), work across instep in pattern and then unwrap the remaining wrap (it was left there from the last purl side) as you did on the knit sides and then knit across heel stitches and you are finished. Watch the video again as another reminder. If this is not the step you are on please let me know and we’ll walk through it again!

  67. I am having so much fun doing this KAl. This is my first and I am regretting that I have not tried one before now. I am learning so much. It is wonderful. Thanks

  68. I am confused. Directions say, slip one knit across heel stitches and unwrap last stitch on knit side. But next line says to unwrap last stitch on knit side. Am I reading this wrong?

  69. Thanks. I reread, and think I’ve got it. Forgot to mention this is my first pair of toe up socks and my first time using my Addi lace needles with Magic Loop. I love it.

  70. I hate when that happens. Try fishing a bit out from the center and then maybe you can find the end from it. Wish I had better advice.

  71. You ended your foot after working an even row of the chart and then knit all the sole sts. Beginning the heel, work next row of chart over instep sts and then begin heel over sole sts. Instep sts will remain unworked until the end of the heel. Take a peek at the videos and see if they help as well. You will do great!

  72. any good suggestions of finding the center pull on my ball. I cannot seem to find it. I guess I will have to wait for sock 2

  73. OK guys, it’s Sunday night and I just printed out the instructions. How did you all get them so quickly. I’ve made quite a few pair of socks, but I’ve never done the short row, so I’m looking forward to that. Looking at the instructions, I’m not sure about the pattern. Do I knit in pattern on the first side for one row and then start the short row on the bottom of the foot. Does the pattern continue around or does the short row just keep growing as when you do gussets? I’m a little confused.

    By the way, I have my second sock ready for short row also.

  74. This is my second pair of knitting socks and I LOVE IT…
    And this is my first pair knitting socks on the Magic loop using Addi.
    I was afraid that they will be to slippery but they are NOT and I really do enjoy to work with them. Can’t wait for next week. YAY 🙂

  75. Finished both heels today. I have never done a short row heel. The video does help, even stubborn veterans! I needed something to do this week, so I combined the toe and heel of this sock with a different pattern that looks like goal posts for the foot and the leg. I’m calling them my Super Bowl socks since I had stashed some green and gold hand painted sock yarn last fall. Go Pack! I digress. The attention to technique provided by this KAL has pushed me into new areas. Thanks Michelle!

  76. first heel done!!!! It went so quick and easy I enjoyed doing this heel. Now I think I am going to start sock 2

  77. My LYS nudged me into picking the Clover counter over some of the cheaper ones. I’m glad she did. I’ve been using it for the pattern rows and I’ll also be using it to help me with my first try at Short Row Heels. Thanks for challenging some of us that need a “nudge”.

  78. I have finished both heels….I love the look of the socks..I will be using this pattern many times. It is wonderful to be able to make a pair of socks that look so great and were not very hard. Hope Febuary’s project is as quick to learn. Thank you.

  79. I modded my heels just a touch because I always end up with teeny tiny holes-I use a double-wrap technique where, when you pick up and knit the first wrap, you also wrap the next stitch AGAIN so you will end up picking up two wraps on all the other stitches (except the first wrapped purl stitch, of course)

    This works fine but the tricky bit is when after you’ve picked up all the wraps except the last one, you knit across the instep, and then you have to pick up the double wraps on the very first stitch. It is doable but it can be wiggly, so if I did this again I’d make sure to wrap a bit more loosely on that stitch.

    This is just my personal thing because my gauge tends to loosen when I knit back and forth so the double-wraps help to keep the heel looking neat. I really am loving the way my socks look so far though!

  80. I just finished the heel on one of my socks and followed your videos………’s great to be able to “pause” you until I catch up and then continue 🙂 Now I have to frog about a half inch on my second sock where I forgot to do the lace pattern at the end of the row. Shouldn’t be long and I will be caught up! Not bad for just getting my yarn on Wed!

  81. No gusset no heel turn or flap I am in heaven already!!! That means time to cast on sock #2 Yea!!!

  82. I too miss my heel flap – extra cush, eye of partiridge pattern, the way it cradles my foot! But I can say I’ve done the short row heel now, and won’t wonder if I’m missing out on something. I might use it for thin cotton summer anklets? Loreen – maybe we’ll see how to do the traditional heel flap method for toe ups on one of the other mystery socks?!?!?!?

  83. This was my first time knitting a short row heel. The videos made it super clear and easy. The counter idea was very helpful since I knit my heel at the yarn shop with lots of chatting going on – I was still able to keep track of what I was doing 😉

  84. What a pretty sock! I finally got around to starting the other day because I was obsessed with hat knitting for a while there. I got the first sock caught up and ready for next week already! That was my first short-row heel and it turned out quite nicely. I can see why it’s such a common heel for toe-up socks; it flows right from the bottom of the sock to the cuff with no awkward gusset, heel turn, or heel flap.

  85. I love these heels. These are a little different than the short row heels I have done before. I am looking forward to learning lots of new techniques. I also really love the counter idea.

  86. Yea! I finally got my yarn this week. Started and finished the toe this morning. Loved the cast on and this toe worked up swiftly. Onward to the axis cable. Look out gang, I’m catching up to everyone!

  87. While the heel may be the same kind that store bought socks have, it hardly makes the socks look store bought! Some of us find that a short row heel fits our foot really well.

    While you may not like this heel, it does teach good lessons on short rows that will be most useful in other projects, even if you never make this kind of heel again. Hope you enjoy your socks in spite of the heel!

  88. I am sorry you do not like this heel. Many knitters love this technique and its smooth appearance. My goal is to introduce various heels, toes and stitches to increase your skill base. Once all these skills become part of your knitting knowledge, you can mix and match them to customize the perfect sock for you. I would be remiss in teaching a sock series if I omitted the short row heel. Thanks for your input.

  89. This is not my favorite heel. Why custom knit a wonderful sock, made to fit your own foot, using fabulous fiber and patterns–then use a heel that looks like it came from the store?

  90. This is not my favorite heel, why make something as wonderful as a hand knitted sock–only to make it look like it came from the store?

  91. Congratulations on conquering the heel! The circular needles will be a big help, but many double point knitters will often rearrange their stitches on needles for easier working. Separating the instep stitches onto 2 needles is one idea. Also, some people do split the heel stitches equally onto 2 needles and this works just fine for them.

  92. I love my counter! I am all about “training wheels” when it comes to knitting. It allows me to talk, watch tv and even get interrupted without worrying about losing my place.

  93. You will get one chance to win for using Trekking. If you knit with the same color as me then you get another chance to win. Hope this helps to clear things up.

  94. I’m still catching up on the foot portion because I had to frog everything and start again with smaller needles. Good to go and approaching the heel! I’m impressed with all of you that are knitting 2 at a time!

  95. WOW!! I am finished with the heel on one sock! It went pretty smooth. But, I do have a question (of course 🙂 ). When using double points and you put all the heel stitches on one needle and the cable is on one needle that means the whole sock is on two needles. It was pretty hard to work with the needles so close together. I was able to get it done but is there an easier way? Should I have transferred the instep on to two needle to do the heel?
    I have ordered some circular needles so I shouldn’t have to worry about this again, but just in case.
    I have learned so much already. Thank you so much!!
    Now to start on the second sock.

  96. Thanks for the great videos of the heel, it was a major help. I was able get the heels turned in no time, now I can’t wait for the next part so I can finish my socks & wear them! This is my first KAL and I am having so much fun with it, Thanks!

  97. Well, the counter idea was terrific. I could not find my little red counter (just like yours) so I thought-I can remember this and do it without. Well, I had to reverse knit the heel on my sock so obviously I was not so good at memory work. Second try on first sock-kept count on a piece of paper—success. Thanks for the videos-they were terrific-clear, informative, and OPI Red is my favorite nail color. I wear it just about 40 weeks of the year!

  98. I purchased a skein of Trekking XXL from my LYS. All that she had was three skeins of Trekking from at least 2 years ago. The color on the wrapper says #51, but when I went to the Skacel website, color #51 is entirely different. I know this is Trekking XXL as I have used it twice before. The color I have is a print that has dark blue as the base and shades of blue and seagreen throughout. Will this disqualify me for this month?

  99. Very cool! What a great heel. It’s sad though that this step went so fast. I’ll have to start a bunch of other projects and then frantically try to get them done before next week 🙂

  100. You do your nails yourself!!! While knitting socks, my sister and I always talk about how lovely your nails are:)

  101. I do not have either of these skills on video. I add several each month so I will put them in the queue. They are all accessible from my homepage – click on Video Tips and there will be a menu with over 50 titles listed alphabetically.
    Lot of comments on my nails – I do them myself and in the heel videos I’m wearing OPI Red.

  102. So last night the other sock sister says, “Have you notice Michelle’s shoes?” (Beth’s much more fashion conscious than me.) Forget the shoes, have you checked out the socks? Hidden in plain sight? 🙂

  103. I really really love your instructions and videos. I have knit about 6 pairs of socks before and always had a mental block about the heel. You have made it simple for me. Now I understand the wrap and turn method! I am looking thru your videos. I would like to see a video on knitting 2 socks at a time on 1 circular needle. (or top down children’s sweater) I would even pay for it. Do you have either of these?
    I like your voice and your instructions are very clear.
    Ps. Also notice your nice nails

  104. Done! Nice version of the short row heel. It is a little different in the finer points than others I have done and I like it alot!

  105. “Peeked” ahead at heel work for this week and can’t wait to try on first pair of socks. Still working second sock to the heel part so can try to do them together. Love the cable, but not pleased with the lace part and had trouble sliding knitwork for magic loop. Now realized I
    was knitting first 2 stitches of each needle tightly to try to “close the gap”. When I loosened up, the needle slides easily, the lace looks much better, and there is still no gap! Not willing to undo previous work, so first pair of socks will have quirky lace panels!

  106. “Short” work this week! Good time for everyone to catch up. Just wanted to thank you & Skacel for all the work that’s already been done and still goes into this project daily. And the gal who sent the mirror trick for lefties, thanks to you too. I knew knitting was magic – you can even use mirrors!

  107. Well isn’t this the best ever so much fun my 2nd sock almost done be heeling myself knitting the heels this weekend.Cant wait for cuff so I can sport these lovely socks.

  108. Iv’e done heels before but never wrapped the st. I did finally do a wrap st like 2 years ago on a sleeve. I was always afraid of them never realized what a piece of cake they are. You just have to remember to pick the wrap up on the return. Onward to the heel

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